I had such a blast photographing this beautiful lady. She was open to all my suggestions and she had a lot of ideas too. The partners are always welcomed to the pregnancy photo sessions.

I recommend that the session should take place between the 28 and the 32 weeks of pregnancy. I noticed that in this period your tummy is round and visible and you are still flexible and you can move easily. You can choose to do the shoot in the studio or outdoors. I provide the pregnancy dresses and a few bodies. If you want you can bring your own clothing. I recommend that your partner is dressed in a white or black shirt.

For more pregnancy photo session please go here. 

You can book you newborn photo session in Amsterdam by following the link. If you want to see more of our activity please like our Facebook Page.

Pregnancy on blue backdrop at 32 weeks Pregnancy on white backdrop at 32 weeks Pregnancy on white backdrop at 32 weeks Black and white Pregnancy photo Black and white Pregnancy photo with partner

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