Little human!

Blue eyes, blonde hair and a big smile the size of the sun, this is Tudor. He’s always with a smile on his face, he’s having fun 24/7 and nothing can stay in his way. Only 6 months old, he’s enjoying everything around him. A little bundle of joy, a little human. We had fun shooting with him! We should take the example from him! 🙂


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Ochi albastri, par blond si un zambet mare ca soarele, acesta este Tudor. Intotdeauna cu zambetul pe buze, se distreaza non-stop si nimic nu ii sta in cale. Are doar 6 luni si se bucura de tot ce este in jurul lui.Ne-am distrat cu el la sedinta foto! Ar trebui sa luam exemplu de la el! 🙂


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